Operation And Maintenance

Operation And Maintenance

Operations and maintenance management, operational management  

O&M is the minor maintenance and care of assets that do not require in-depth technical knowledge of how that asset functions.

Gathering Systems

Transmission Pipelines

Stations And Facilities

Integrity Management

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Gathering System

A gathering system usually consists of multiple pipelines laid in one area that are designed to “gather” the product that is produced from multiple wells to a central point.


trunkline is a pipeline designed for natural gas transmission from production areas to consumption points. It is the main means of long-distance gas transmission.

Transmission Pipelines

Used to transport crude oil and natural gas from their respective gathering systems to refining, processing, or storage facilities. also transport refined petroleum products and natural gas to customers.

Stations & Facilities

Used maintenance and management of the Assets, Project Utilities comprised in the Station Development Project, in accordance with the requirements of the Station Facility Management Agreement.

Integrity Management

 Asset integrity management (AIM) is a complete and systematic management process that uses the method of overall optimization to manage the entire life cycle of assets in order to achieve the requirements of reliability, safety, environmental protection, the economy, and sustainable development.

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