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TuraTech Engineering Consultancy Services Limited is a consultancy group, which offers services specialized within Safety, Risk and Reliability throughout the Oil & Gas industry.

In this era of rapid change, new challenges arise every day and TuraTech Engineering Consultancy Services Limited is uniquely equipped to deal with them.

The company’s strength is in its uncompromising approach to not only meeting our clients’ expectations, but wherever possible, exceeding them. In today’s highly competitive environment, any advantage achieved by our clients is a guarantee of our continued success for the future

Design Engineering

involve adapting and using complex scientific and mathematical techniques.The emphasis tends to be on utilizing engineering physics and other applied sciences to develop solutions for society.

Process Engineering

Understanding and application of the fundamental principles and laws of nature that allow humans to transform raw material and energy into products that are useful to society, at an industrial level.

Safety Engineering And Risk Management

To control risk by reducing or completely eliminating it. It also aims to reduce the rate of failures and if failure does occur, it is not life threatening. Safety engineering usually begins during the design of a system or product development.

Instrumentation And Control

control theory to design, monitor and control a wide range of industrial processes to ensure optimum productivity and theoretically infinite repeatability while maintaining industrial health and safety standards.

Mechanical Engineering

engineering branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science, to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

Asset Integrity And Operational Assurance

Asset integrity, or asset integrity management systems (AIMS) is the term for an asset’s capacity to run effectively and accurately, whilst also protecting the wellbeing of all personnel and equipment with which it interacts – as well as the measures in place to assure the asset’s life cycle.

Safety Management System

A safety management system (SMS) is a formalized organization-wide approach to helping a business achieve an acceptable level of workplace safety.

Electrical Engineering

Discipline concerned with the study, design, and application of equipment, devices, and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Operations And Maintenance

Operations and maintenance management, operational management or O&M is the minor maintenance and care of assets that do not require in-depth technical knowledge of how that asset functions.

Civil Engineering

focus on designing and constructing the environments in which humans live.Turatech Civil engineers typically focus on large construction projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, subway systems, dams, and water supply networks.

Project Management

Project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to deliver something of value to people.the use of tools, knowledge, processes, and competencies to ensure a project’s successful completion.

Pipeline Engineering

Our professionals work on the systems that are used to transport gas and oil products. Pipeline Engineers are involved heavily in the planning process.pipeline routes, determining technical specifications like the pipe size and placement.

Other Services

In the engineering world there is a whole lot of responsibilites and problems to solve with technical approach therefore we offer other services ranging from auditing, management, governance , intelligence and  analytics to training.

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We share an unwavering commitment to safety Quality is the fiber that binds all of our efforts around the globe We are responsive to the needs of our clients and employees We strive for meaningful innovation Our teamwork enables us to be one of the leading services provider in the industry  We strive to create an environment where our work is fun and fulfilling Each team member is united by our passion for excellence. We believe in the recognition and celebration of our results Individual integrity is the foundation of everything we do.


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All TuraTech Services
  • Design Engineering
    -Conceptual Design, FEED & Detailed Design
    -Engineering Consultancy
    -Operating Manuals & Procedures (O&MS)
    -Design Verification & Appraisal
    -Project Management Consultancy Services
    -As-Built Drafting Services
    -Fitness For Service Assessments – API 579 Analysis
  • Process Engineering
    -Pipeline Hydraulic Modelling
    -Radiation Assessments
    -Dispersion Analysis
    -Process Equipment Sizing
    -Flare System Analysis
    -Process Simulation
    -Pump Hydraulics
    -Steady State and Dynamic Modelling
    -Process Optimisation
    -Process Troubleshooting
    -Start-up and Commissioning Manuals
  • Safety Engineering & Risk Management

    -Qualitative Risk Assessment
    -Quantitative Risk Assessment
    -Process Safety Management
    -Fire detection and fire protection systems design
    -Human Factor Engineering
    -Consequence Modeling
    -Fire and Explosion Hazard Analysis
    -Bow-tie Analysis
    -HAZOP/HAZID Facilitation
    -SIL and IEC 61508 Analysis Facilitation
    -Human Factors Analysis
    -HSE Impact Assessments
    -Regulatory Support 
    -Physical Effects Modelling
    -Dispersion & Explosion Modelling
    -Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Assessments
    -Passive Fire Protection Studies
    -Flare Radiation Studies
    -TR Impairment Assessments
    -Smoke & Gas Ingress Assessments
    -Building Risk Assessments
    -Emergency Systems Survivability Assessments
    -Dropped Object & Ship Impact Studies
    -Safety Case Development
    -HSE Plans and Philosophies

  • Instrumentation  & Control
      -Cause and Effect
      -Analytical Instrumentation
    -Wellhead and Flowline Control
    -Alarm Handling and Management
    -Control Valve Sizing and Selection
    -Smart Instrumentation and Fieldbus
    -Safety Instrumentation
    -Emergency Shutdown Control
  • Mechanical Engineering
    -Pressure Piping
    -Stress Analysis
    -Pressure Vessels
    -Finite Element Analysis
    -Boilers & Fired Equipment
    -Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Asset Integrity & Operational Assurance
    -Technical Integrity Verification and Performance Standards Development
    -Risk Based Inspection
    -Reliability Centred Maintenance
    -Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM)
  • Safety Management System
    -Gap Analysis and Safety Culture review
    -Safety Case and reports.
    -ALARP Demonstration Study and report
  • Electrical Engineering
    -Hazardous Area
    -Cable Systems
    -Power Systems
    -Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives
    -Power Distribution
    -Earthing, Bonding and Lightning Protection
    -Cathodic Protection Studies & Facilities
  • Operations And Maintenance
     -Gathering Systems
     -Transmission Pipelines
     -Stations and Facilities
     -Integrity Management
  • Civil Engineering
    -Reinforced Concrete
    -Reinforced Masonry
    -Earth Retaining Structures
    -Stormwater & Sewer Systems
    -Foundations (Deep, Shallow)
  • Project Management
    -Concept Design
    -Detailed Design
    -Construction Management
    -Minor Capital Works
    -Regulatory Approvals
  • Pipeline Engineering
    -Gathering Systems
    -Transmission Pipelines
    -Metering Station
    -Distribution Systems
    -Stations & Facilities
  • Other Services

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